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Startup Productivity Tools

We've recently been working for a startup that has 4 teams from different companies all working on the product. Some of the teams are not used to using collaboration software so we had to pick services that were simple to use and worked with very little explanation. We also didn't want to sign up to spending lots of money on tools until we knew everyone would use them. Video conferencing - Google Meet Documentation - Confluence for 10 team members we thought would use the service Planning - Asana - this worked very well for 2 weeks and then most people who were not developing stopped looking at it Planning for Devs - Jira for 10 team members we thought would use the service Chat - Slack Code repository - GitHub Whiteboarding and brainstorming - Miro or Mural Design / UX - Figma Timesheets - Google docs The following were incredibly successful, even with the non technical team members: Google Meet Confluence Slack Figma Miro The following were less successful for everyone, but w